BC Labour Force Snapshot – October 2023

How did British Columbia’s labor market perform in October? The province’s unemployment rate remained steady at 5.4% from September, up 0.8% from 12 months ago. The labor force decreased by 5,300 individuals, and employment decreased by 4,000, while over the past year they increased by 78,800 and 50,500.

There was a fall of 27,500 part-time positions alongside an increase of 23,400 full-time roles, compared to September. Notably, full-time employment saw positive growth in the 15 to 24 age group (+7,700), 25 to 54 age group (+8,800), and 55+ (+6,900).

Employment increased in the private sector (+3,700) while declining in the public sector (-10,700), with the number of self-employed individuals increasing by 2,900 compared to September.

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