Build Connections & Boost Work Happiness

Decades of research have shown that people who have warm connections with others not only live happier lives but also stay healthier longer and live longer. This research is especially relevant today, as workplace trends like great resignation, quiet quitting, and heightened burnout have highlighted the connection between work and well-being. So, how can you improve connections at work that can lead to greater happiness?

  • Send a text, email, or call a colleague you haven’t seen in a while and say, “Hi, I was thinking of you and wanted to connect.”
  • Be curious about your colleagues. Notice something about someone else at work who you’d like to get to know, and ask them about it.
  • Focus on quality, not quantity. Rather than trying to connect with everyone in your workplace, focus on building deeper connections with a few key people.

At MatchBox, we understand the importance of building connections in the workplace. That’s why we strive to create a culture of connection and belonging for our clients and candidates alike. Our goal is to help you find not just any job, but a job that aligns with your values and goals and enables you to build meaningful relationships at work.