Happy Earth Day!

Together, we’re driving positive change for a more sustainable future.

Earth Day is an annual global initiative that promotes environmental awareness to take action toward a sustainable future. We at MatchBox, together with other organizations such as the University of British Columbia, Telus, BC Hydro, IBM, KPMG, TD, Dell Technologies, BCLDB, Shopify, and many others are becoming increasingly active in promoting a positive impact on the planet, and adopt eco-friendly practices. As we celebrate Earth Day, join us and commit to taking steps toward positive change. 

  • implement a paperless office policy, 
  • encourage your coworkers and friends to adopt sustainable practices, 
  • support eco-friendly initiatives,
  • Save energy: Turn off lights and appliances when not in use and switch to energy-efficient products such as LED light bulbs,
  • choose sustainable transportation 🚲,
  • conserve water: take shorter showers, and install water-efficient fixtures,
  • reduce waste: Recycle, compost food scraps, and reduce single-use plastics.

Every little step counts towards creating a more sustainable future, and by working together, we can make a significant contribution to protecting the planet for future generations.

Join us in celebrating #EarthDay and read more about how you can make a difference at https://earthday.ca/organization/mission/.